Open-air artistic exhibition

29 May to 18 August 2019

As well as working with seven artists, the Village will be welcoming a series of art performances throughout the beautiful season.




The Village comes alive this summer with art, its streets an open-air exhibition.



With giant sculptures and artists at work in the Village, you will make discoveries among celebrated artists from the contemporary scene that include :


  • Sculptor Richard Orlinski with his famous five-metre high polar bear
  • Pop art painter and sculptor Laurence Jenkell with her signature giant bronze confectionary
  • Artist and photographer Sylvie Barco, who will cover a 4.5-metre-high wall with collages of Parisian life
  • World-famous street artist JonOne, who will install one of his extra-large works of graffiti
  • Street artist L'Atlas in his distinction take on the world, a ‘hypnotic universe’, will install one of his optical works
  • Le Diamantaire, artist-artisan, who leaves a sparkle wherever he goes, will also be exhibiting in the Village
  • Monsieur Chat and his smiling cat sculpture
  • Clément Mougel finally and his explosive work in color








Clément Mougel is a contemporary artist, born in 1986 on September 7th in Compiegne, France. Always Connected from a young age with painting,theater and music. Inspired by Picasso, Chagall… Basquiat. Breaking established rules,  he transcribes through his brush ,the blurred and abstracted vision of the society we live in. The expressionist gesture of Clement describes emotional prospects in constant motion. "I want to show people from the inside..not the outside." It makes us discover a visual universe and a language in which he crosses abstracted expressionism, an inspirational graffiti, a certain architectural and mathematical control and a symmetry hidden under a resolutely modern marked  colored esthetics. Anxious to convey a humanistic value in its work. The clear and generous energy of his  paintings gives us enough space & time to react about the comedy of our lives.

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JonOne, John Andrew Perello alias JonOne is a Graffiti artist and painter of Dominican origin who was born in New York in 1963. Growing up in Harlem, JonOne started making graffiti on the walls of his neighborhood at the age of seventeen years. A self-taught artist, he turned to painting on canvas (a support that would bring him international fame), producing work clearly influenced by his experience (hip hop, street life, the metro) and by modern painting. In an innovative style which goes beyond the "rules" of graffiti (street art, urban culture), his pieces address the "freestyle" (freedom that he advocates above anything else), his key concept that doesn't impose any limit. It is after moving to Paris in 1987 and after meeting artists of all styles (Speedy Graphito, LAII, etc.), that a new adventure begins for him: that of the canvas. In his paintings, the space is fully used, the empty or the white do not exist. The color appears as John's vital support, his palette is rich and deep, the tones and contrasts reveal games of subtle nuances, with harmonious composition which appear spontaneous but also designed, the shapes are formed and are deconstructed, curvy or straight. There is symmetry and asymmetry, repetition and unity, his strokes are controlled with precision and flexibility. Each of his paintings is an abstract improvisation, whose brilliance transmits the joy of life. Very quickly, he made a name in the Parisian art world.

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L'Atlas is a French artist born in 1978. He began doing graffiti in the early 1990s. Fascinated by the history of handwriting, he has studied calligraphy in several countries and designed his own typography. He frequently works in public spaces and has become a major figure of the Street Art movement. He has also developed a pictural universe, where he leads the written word towards calligraphic abstraction. He lives and works in Paris

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JENKELL Laurence is a contemporary French artist. Working primarily with sculpture, Jenkell's practice obsessively revolves around a single motif: depicting larger-than-life wrapped pieces of candy using Plexiglas, resin, and cast aluminum. Referencing the appropriated commercialism of Pop Art and French New Realism, these sculptures have achieved widespread commercial success in the public sphere, with Jenkell receiving commissions by companies and events such as Coca-Cola, the rugby World Cup, and the G20 summit. Her work has also been exhibited by the Villa Datris Foundation in L’Isle sur la Sorgue, the Grand Palais in Paris, and the Deniel Besseiche Gallery in Seoul, among others. Born on December 31, 1965 in Bourges, France, she went on to study applied arts in both London and Heidelberg. Today, she and lives and works in Vallauris, France.

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Since 2011, he has scattered over 1200 artworks in a diamond shape throughout the streets of big cities across the World. Street artist, he is also a specialist in the work of materials as metal, concrete and glass that composed his wall sculptures. These diamonds are produced from glass fragments recovered from the street and reworked by the hand of the artist. Returned to the streets, they are reborn in the form of diamonds. These creations, which sparkle, catch our eye. They also instigate envy, as each diamond placed in the street is a signed and numbered work by the artist. We will therefore feel a subconscious desire to possess the glass which we had disposed of. By giving a second life to the elements, Le Diamantaire raises questions about the value we attach to the things which surround us. From the ephemeral of the usual to the eternity of the work, it is our perception of everyday materials that evolves. A reflection which also addresses human worth in society as the street is reflected in the mirrors of the diamonds. The shadows and movements which shine as reflections are our values, the components of the energy of the city.

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6. M. CHAT



Thoma Vuille is a Franco-Swiss painter, born in Boudry in the canton of Neuchâtel in 1972. He is the creator of the M. CHAT graphic series, a grinning cat soaring over the roofs of Paris. Thoma Vuille started painting in the streets with acrylic at the age of 15, in memory of his grandfather, who was a house painter. Vuille studied at the Institute of visual Arts of Orléans from 1995 to 2001, but quickly discovered his preference for street art. The idea of M. CHAT came to him in 1997 after a little girl drew a cat during a workshop in a school in Orléans. Thoma Vuille adopted this idea and created his very own M. CHAT, who started by wandering the streets of Orléans before moving to Paris.
Today, the artist and this animal have become an indivisible whole. Who is M. CHAT? The artist or the character? Or is it both? Whether he is alone or not, with or without wings, M. CHAT can no longer be reduced to a simple logo. With his simple and clear lines, M. CHAT has become an urban symbol bringing joy and optimism to the city. His fame has allowed for variations, changing color and posture but keeping his strong identity. His need for wings is explained by the inaccessible places in which he is represented. This cat reminds us of another character, Lewis Carroll's "grinning cat", the Cheshire Cat, whose smile never fades. A smile full of infectious enthusiasm, just like Thoma Vuille's art.

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Richard Orlinski is the best-selling French contemporary artist in the world. His sculptures are inspired by the « Born Wild » concept and are a reflection of a profound contemplation on animal instincts and human nature. His style is modern and never gives way to trash, extravagance or passing trends. His leitmotiv is to make art accessible to the greatest number of people possible. While his work is exhibited in more than 90 galleries across the globe, he doesn’t hesitate to break codes by exposing for free and in the open-air in places such as the French Alps or cities like Paris or Cannes. He also enjoys displaying his work in atypical places and meeting with his fans. Curious by nature and eager to express his creativity through other disciplines he also has a passion for music, cinema and theater. His electro-pop singles have been on top of the charts in France as well as abroad. His autobiography has just been published by the number one French publishing company Michel Lafon.

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Sylvie Barco is a French photographer. She graduated with first class honors in 1995, Sylvie quickly decided to take up urban photography. Sylvie Barco has developed an innovative technique in which silver and digital prints have been combined since her "Lomoscope" series in 2007. She took pictures of the street from every single angle, and then realized a photo assembly in a mosaic style, that reveals the making up of a new image. This "Lomoscope" series releases itself from French borders to join Asia, a very important continent for Sylvie Barco, as she admires its cultures and traditions.

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