The Parisian Art of Living


She is a style idol and a mystery. The one Yves Saint Laurent admired and wanted to represent. Audacious, natural, sophisticated, with nonchalant elegance, and addicted to black. 

But what are the new characteristics of the Parisienne in 2018?

The Avenue Montaigne Parisienne

With her hair pulled back into a small, low ponytail, her scarlet lipstick and her muted couture clothes , the Parisienne from Avenue Montaigne has an instantly recognisable look. Favouring understated luxury, refined details and the elaborate cuts of a garment that lasts a lifetime, she hates logos and shuns the trends of the season. Her wardrobe is full of designer pieces with sober and cerebral aesthetics. During the day we come across her in a spa having a manicure, or on Avenue George V, where she takes her black Labrador for a walk. But it’s on the terrace of one of the restaurants on Avenue Montaigne that she lunches with her VIP friends from the district.

Sandro, Mimosa dress
Retail price 2017 : €265 €159
Mimosa dress

The Rive Gauche Parisienne

She is defined as effortless, confident and independent. Her thing? Wearing men’s clothes, but with a feminine twist.  Jeans, sneakers, men's shirts and trench coats: her taste for the mix and match look allows her to build a unique look that stands the test of time. Her fashion icons? Charlotte Rampling, Ines de La Fressange and Jane Birkin and her daughters. Sporting a casual look, she likes to go to places that represent the essence of the capital. In the morning, she hides behind big, dark sunglasses while having a coffee on Boulevard Saint-Germain, then she visits Gallimard to stock up on books and ends her day by reading at the Jardin du Luxembourg. In the evening, she turns into a night owl, dressed all in black, with high heels.

Repetto, Michael gomme shoes
Prix conseillé 2017 : €265 €177
Michael gomme shoes

The Marais Parisienne

With light make-up and deliberately dishevelled , the Parisienne who lives in the east of the capital embodies the boho look par excellence. Half retro and half hippie, she trades, shares, recycles and scours flea markets. Her philosophy? Reasonable consumption. And she eats only organic food. As for her everyday look, it’s a vintage kimono, sneakers that smell of sand, a stripy top and denim shorts. As she likes to be eco-friendly and ethical, she keeps an eye on all the shops and knows how to find the right pieces wherever she goes. When she hasn’t been out the night before, it’s at Canal Saint-Martin that we bump into her having a Sunday picnic, with lots of friends and children.

Ba&sh, Burgundy Collin shirt
Retail price 2017 : €170 €112
Burgundy Collin shirt
Marni, Brown sandals
Retail price 2017 : €560 €235
Brown sandals