A Story of Style seen by the employees of La Vallée Village

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To illustrate our selections of signature pieces available in the shops of the Village, we appealed to those who know the Village best: the very employees of La Vallée Village.



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ANNE-GAËLLE, Director of Communication

Which pieces embody your look and why? 
For me, accessories are the best signature assets. Embellish a simple outfit with a nice pair of shoes or a bag with character, and your look is completely transformed. The style becomes memorable.

Your best catches in La Vallée Village? 
An oversized bag, 24h, transformed into a handbag and file holder. This catch, the most anecdotal of all, took place as soon as I joined the La Vallée Village team. I had spotted it in Paris in black the day before my first day, and visiting the Village the next day, surprise! It was there in front of me in another color, even more beautiful, with a very tempting price... I wasn’t able to resist! For the rest, the list would be too long!...

If your look was a song, what would it be? 
Perhaps a cross between a Polo & Pan and an old Sonic Youth for the slightly offbeat chic side with a little more rock’n roll touch.




Which piece embodies your look and why? 
The pair of shoes: the small detail that makes all the difference. As Christian Dior used to say: “You will never be careful enough about the choice of your shoes”

Your best catch in La Vallée Village? 
A pair of Jimmy Choo sneakers.

If your look was a song, what would it be? 
Born Slippy, by Underworld





Which pieces embody your look and why?
My DNA is constantly marked by iconic pieces of a post-contemporary retro spirit, a reflection of an Italo-American style (as I am) with a touch of nonchalance. A chic rock/curly doll look that expresses itself through a leather perfecto and a silk and lace ensemble; lingerie top and 50s style high waisted pencil skirt. Signed by a decorative touch via a pink printed poem (high heel sandals mandatory). Through ‘Must Have’ elements, I try to define what I represent on a daily basis: a confident, feminine and dynamic woman.

Your best catches in La Vallée Village?
Shopping is a dream come true thanks to La Vallée Village and its creations made for my state of mind summed up by: the iconic coat 101801 by Max Mara in double-breasted closure, DSquared2 distressed skinny jeans and the unmistakable perfecto in androgynous leather from The Kooples.

If your look was a song, what would it be?
I draw my inspiration without limitations nor clichés from the world music which so perfectly embodies me in Massive Attack’s musical sighs –styling traces on ‘Black Milk’– that meet my woman’s desires to have a timeless, bold, unique, sensual and rock’n roll look while remaining faithful to myself in 24/7 vibes.





Which pieces embody your look and why?
A suit adjusted to upholstered leather boots, for a look that’s both chic and offbeat. For the ‘rock’n roll’ signature, I add a tie with micro-motifs of skulls which subtly recall the silver-plated pin of the jacket.

Your best catch at La Vallée Village?
My best catch at La Vallée Village was a 3-piece burgundy suit from The Kooples. I wore it at a friend’s wedding. Several things immediately pleased me in this suit. First and foremost its cut, the extremely well-cut jacket gave a rather dynamic and chic look to the outfit. The waistcoat, with its small chain, added a rock’n roll touch that immediately seduced me. Alas, I really liked the color. Burgundy suits are a far cry from the more ‘traditional” suits that we usually see during ceremonies (blue, black, gray...), plus it’s also a very trendy color at the moment!

If your look was a song, what would it be?
The song that would best define my look would be “Fashion Killa” by rapper A$AP Rocky. This song is about a man addicted to fashion and shopping, always looking for new trends. He also talks about the quest for style he embarks on in the company of his girlfriend. I identify myself with his lyrics and with the brands that he mentions. This resembles me all the more since I like the idea of the “shared dressing room” in a couple. Making sure that the man and the woman are in agreement with respect to the dressing room. Finally, A$AP Rocky is a model and a source of inspiration for me.