Alix is originally from Paris but has lived in Switzerland for 10 years. In 2008, while looking for work, she came up with the idea of starting a blog in response to the dozens of people who asked her about the organisation of her own wedding. She has since launched her own online store selling lanterns for weddings and other special occasions. She agreed to give us some expert advice on what guests should wear to weddings.

Hello Alix. You created the blog, can you tell us a little more about this website?
Alix: I started writing it in 2008 and there was an instant readership because, at the time, it was the only French blog on the subject. After a year other sites started popping up and my wedding blog became my number one marketing tool: with it, I was able to finance my lantern store.

Well, that's good for us as we're going to talk about weddings, especially what guests should wear! First of all, could you tell us if the dress code is still relevant in 2015?
Alix: I go to lots of weddings as I have a big family and lots of friends, so I've got plenty of experience. I'm even going to second weddings now. The dress code just means 'make an effort': be pretty, make an effort for the couple but also because it's a nice occasion. Personally, I love going out and choosing a new dress, and I think most girls feel the same.

Let's talk about the style to go for. Which do you prefer from these two La Vallée Village styles? The casual style from Comptoirs des Cotonniers or something more haute couture?
Alix: Let's say that if you go haute couture you have a better chance of getting something unique. Personally, I always turn up to a wedding with two dresses because if I see someone with the same dress on, I always have that other option. Alternatively, you could opt for a top and skirt or trouser from different designers. You can make some wonderful combinations by matching a beautiful top with a skirt or pair of trousers.

And which designers would you recommend?
Alix: From the boutiques I go to, Sandro and Maje stand out for me. Their cuts are beautiful; classic yet modern and their items go with anything. So they're ideal for mixing and matching, a great solution. I love mixing up my designers!

La Vallée Village offers outfits from 120 top brands with discounts on past collections, is it vital for you to have the latest collection?
Alix: Not at all. The important thing is to wear something that I like and that you can't find on every corner. I would happily shop somewhere like La Vallée Village!

And what about shoes - are heels obligatory?
Alix: You have to wear heels to a wedding! Ballerina shoes are fine to keep in your handbag for the last part of the evening when you're having trouble standing up. But otherwise, you have to make an effort, you have to wear heels, it's all part of the fun of a wedding. It really is the ONE day you have to dress up more than usual.

What do you think would be a fashion faux pas for a guest?
Alix: There's always someone who decides to turns up to a wedding dressed in white or cream; that's a big no-no! Even if no-one else notices, the bride is not going to thank you for it. If anyone should be in white, it's the bride. That's the big fashion faux pas. Then there's the hat. They may have been in in the 90s but they're a bit old-fashioned today.

And what about the men?
Alix: I'm not bothered about the men - weddings are a girl thing as far as I'm concerned! Guys need a nice suit, a nice pair of shoes, a nice, well-ironed, white shirt and a tie or bow tie. You can do away with all that if it's a beach wedding but otherwise, there's nothing more handsome than a man in a suit!