Tax-free shopping

To enjoy a tax refund of at least 12% at La Vallée Village, you must be:
- a resident f a non-EU country
- staying in France for less than six months.

You must be able to prove these qualifications at the time of purchase by showing your passport if you are a foreign visitor or a visa from the consulate or any other form of official document if you are French and reside outside of the European Union.

The three steps for tax-free shopping are simple:

1. When you make a purchase of more than €175 in a La Vallée Village boutique (each boutique is affiliated with a tax-free shopping company, usually Global Blue or Premier Tax Free), ask for the tax-free procedures at the cash desk. A document with an electronic code will be produced that must be signed by you and by the salesperson. Make sure you follow this process at each of the boutiques in La Vallée Village where you make a purchase of more than €175.

2. When you leave the European Union for the final time during your trip, you must present your tax-free purchases and tax-free documents to customs agents before checking your baggage. To validate your documents, go to the PABLO kiosks to scan the codes or present them at the customs office. This validates your tax-free shopping with customs.

3. Present your validated tax-free shopping documents and your passport to a reimbursement desk at the airport for an immediate reimbursement on your credit card or in cash. You can also decide to send your documents to the tax-free companies by traditional post.

Register to get a Global Blue Card for the quickest way to shop tax free. With a swipe of your card, all your tax-free forms will be automatically completed for you, saving you time and money! Register here.

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