On-site Alterations

While shopping in the Village boutiques, please do not hesitate to request our Alterations Service should you require any advice regarding tailoring or adjustments to your purchases*.

Our experienced tailor is available Tuesday to Friday, from 11-00 until 19-00 and Saturday from 11-00  to 20-00.

To enjoy this service, ask the boutique sales assistant who will contact the tailor to come directly to your dressing room.

It may even be possible to complete certain alterations in less than 1 hour.**

For further information, please contact our Alterations Service at + 33 (0)1 76 50 62 22 or ask in La Vallée Village boutiques! See the list of brands in the Village.

Pricelist 2018/2019 for normal service (please do not hesitate to contact us for express same day requests)

- Trousers Hem: €8

- Trousers Narrowing: €12

- Trousers Waist Sizing: €15

- Sleeves Shortening: €35

- Jacket Narrowing: €20

- Jacket Shortening: €35

- Dress Hem: €15

- Dress shoulder straps: €15

- Dress shortening: €20

*Only items purchased at La Vallée Village can be altered. Previously worn items must be cleaned before any alterations will be performed.
**Subject to the type of alteration and availability.

Brands in the Village