Poiray - Técla - Aurélie Bidermann

Charming jeweller and watchmaker Poiray was founded in 1975. Maintaining its creative freshness year upon year, its history is characterised by its impertinence and audacious spirit in a world of classic jewellery.
Poiray appeals to all generations and embodies Parisian chic and charm with subtlety.

The only French jeweller specialising in cultured pearls represents over a century of creating jewellery from the most desirable pearls. Thanks to its pearl jewellery, Técla, from the outset, became a brand which embodies Parisian elegance, while the boutique at 2 rue de la Paix was decorated with the highest refinement and originality by the famous interior decorators House of Jansen to become a fitting showcase for the brilliance of the pearl jewellery.

Aurélie Bidermann

Imagine an encounter between the Paris of Patrick Modiano and the captivating lightness of Bianca Jagger; the architectural lines of buildings by Haussmann and the fluidity of a Halston dress. Imagine a clash between mineral classicism and tropical exuberance or the Place de l’Etoile and the jungles of South America, and you will have an idea of what Aurélie Bidermann is all about.

Stacked bracelets and rings, balanced colours and a mix of materials turn her work into fine jewellery. But here again, very precious stones have a fun twist; apple cores sparkle with gems, bells ring to the tune of diamonds, scarabs and ladybirds are on the verge of unfurling sapphire or tsavorite studded wings. It’s fine jewellery with an F for fun and so audaciously feminine: impeccably designed high-end luxe, the reflection of a designer who is never separated from her bracelets engraved with lucky symbols: three little eyes, numbers.

«Because when it comes down to it», she says, «I’m not afraid to believe in it, it’s fun thinking about it». And after all, isn’t the best kind of style all about being fun?