Discover new lunch & break options

For a healthy lunch :

  • Super Bowl – Avocado and chipotle chicken
    Protein salad topped with chicken fillets and chipotle chilli ketchup, a small smoked Jalapeño pepper and ripe avocado pieces, accompanied by cherry tomatoes, red peppers, spinach shoots and fresh coriander. Served on a tasty mixture of lentils, peas and quinoa.
  • Hot Shot – Orange, curcuma and cayenne pepper
    Wake up your taste buds with this spicy little shot combining orange juice, apple and lemon with turmeric, ginger and cayenne pepper.
  • Citrus Fruits
    Segments of sour orange and pomelo, ready to eat!
  • Squash seeds with tamari sauce
    An ideal light snack for any time of the day, this little bag is filled with squash seeds coated with tamari – a soy sauce without gluten. Also delicious sprinkled on our Super Bowl salad to add a crispy garnish.

For a healthy break:

  • Latte Coco
    A state-of-the-art latte, prepared by our barista with an organic and lactose-free coconut drink, a tasty alternative to soya.
  • Corn cake topped with dark chocolate
    Gluten-free, these crunchy popcorn patties covered with dark chocolate make an ideal small snack and are a true delight in accompanying one of our hot organic drinks.