Nicolas Cloiseau's chocolate vegetable garden

See what Nicolas Cloiseau is sowing in his fantasy vegetable garden – chocolate!

He is turning the tables on gastronomy and serving up savoury chocolates. You might wonder about jarring flavours emanating from such a pairing, yet his vegetable garden has surprises in store. He has uncovered a new source to create a menu of infinite possibilities. Four vegetables have starring roles in his new carte du jour to celebrate the savoury side of chocolate.

Fortunately, chocolate is not bound by the limits of the seasons, it embraces both summer and autumnal sensations. In his own unique way, Nicolas Cloiseau unearths a host of flavours: the full-bodied essence of pepper, the sultry character of mushroom, the sweet side of onion emboldened by Espelette pepper, all enhanced with balsamic or topped off with crystalline notes of Guérande salt – he offers moments of freedom where nothing is off the table.

Whether it’s the rush of salt, startling crisp notes, or building intensity, the milk and dark chocolate enriches its already complex nature with a succession of sensations. Nicolas Cloiseau blends in some unexpected flavours and leads our palates down a path of chocolate associations, far from our usual comfort zone.

The reasons to pair vegetables with chocolate are many; it opens our palates up for new horizons.

Bon appétit!