Ellen Von Unwerth - Photographer

The creative brains behind our Fall/Winter 2016 campaign, we sat down with legendary photographer Ellen von Unwerth to talk accessories, inspiration and her experience at La Vallée Village…

You’ve previously said you direct models on set as if they were in a movie - how do you balance spontaneity with structure in your pictures?

“The casting is very important, my models need to know how to act a bit. Then it is easy to explain the scenario, let them play and be spontaneous at the same time. It is almost like doing a movie. It is good to have a proper direction to begin; to start with a precise concept and then feel free to improvise inside that concept.”

The Villages are outdoor settings, almost like a runway or boulevard. How was this an inspiration?

“It was a great setting, as we had a lot of space for our installations! The girls could move freely and playfully in the alleys of the Village.”

Which is your favorite accessory (to shoot and to wear) and why?

“I love eccentric accessories in my shoots! I enjoy photographing funky clutches, sunglasses, hats and jewelry. In my life, I prefer to hang on to items, which I love for a very long time.”

Can you tell us what you find inspirational about the below cities?

a) London
b) Paris
c) Milan
d) Madrid
e) Barcelona

“I travel all around the world all the time and I think all of these cities are inspirational for different reasons.”

How would you describe your shopping experience at La Vallée Village?

“It was great to discover the La Vallée Village, and in between the shots everybody sneaked out to do a little shopping.”