A story of style as creation: the dressing room as a mirror of personality by École Camondo students

Just as the style of a person reflects their individuality, their dressing room can also be a mirror. La Vallée Village is working with École Camondo, a renowned school of architecture and interior design, for a dreamlike dressing room project. Students of this internationally reputed Parisian school were asked to revisit the wardrobe, in which resides our vision of style and our most intimate secrets.

Eleven projects were designed by the school’s students. A jury of experts chose as the winner ‘Edo Komon’, a dressing room inspired by Japanese culture and the ceremony of the kimono and designed by Capucine Guhur, Lucie Ayrault and Roxane Villard Vuitton.

This life-size dressing room – presented in the Village art gallery – offers you the opportunity to build up your outfit from a selection of signature items by brands at La Vallée Village. The outfit can be constructed in stages according to mood, just like the kimono ritual: from a classic top with a strong accessory to a pencil skirt or an oversized coat, and accessories to lift the look, a signature outfit comes to life.

Let yourself be transported by a creative and fun universe of fashion and luxury brands and discover how style invents and reinvents itself infinitely.