Originally from South Korea and a graduate of the Dijon National Higher School of Art, as well as of the Rhine High School of Arts in Strasbourg, Park Ido likes to question our gaze through his work.

He works on objects originally destined to be mass-produced, which he customises with precious wood to create a unique work, but he also explores, as in this "Human Patterns" series, the optical illusion and the ambiguity in form and content of Rubin's vase.

He plays on the duality of each image which offers two possible explanations. A vase in the foreground and 2 faces in the background which are looking at each other.

The viewer witnesses the metamorphosis and hesitates to interpret what he sees: the famous vase that appears in different materials or wood decorations, precious stones, stylised plants, unknown landscapes... Or the surrounding emptiness suddenly embodies the personality and traits of the model.