Chang Ki Chung is an intimate photographer. A poet who uses light with perfect mastery to enter into communion with and magnify the objects or plants that he photographs.

The artist started out as a fashion photographer in the Advertising department of large Korean companies such as Amore Paci_ c or Cheil Communications.

In 1987, he set up his own photography studio in Seoul. 5 years later, Chang Ki Chung decided to move away from Seoul to devote himself to the photographic genre which had prompted him to become a photographer. Like the great masters he admires, Edward Weston and Ansel Adams, he

practices the art of photography in black and white. Between 1993 and 2009, his new environment inspired two series of still lives, both derived from the botanical register and familiar everyday objects.

His latest series, “Promises”, which began in 2010, is an autobiographical journey, in black and white, symbolised by the scenario of the fruit of knowledge, the apple...


“One day while walking in a _ ea market, I discovered old coils that reminded me of those in my childhood memories.” Through the transmission, the artist shares this strong emotion related to childhood guided by the coil wire, but also a culture, impalpable and present at the same time.