Korean contemporary creation

For several years, La Vallée Village has celebrated Korean culture during Chuseok, which has given visitors the opportunity to enjoy the Village shopping experience together with specially tailored events and benefits. This year, the occasion was also particularly significant, with 2015–2016 being officially recognised as France-Korea Year.

More than just an unmissable shopping destination, La Vallée Village has established itself as a place of discovery and relaxation – a destination in itself.

L’Espace® La Vallée Village, the Village’s art gallery, invited the public to share and discover a moment of pure beauty in contemporary art. The gallery hosted an exhibition from 17 October 2016 to 3 January 2017 that brought together seven Korean artists and showcased the wealth and diversity of their art.

The aim of this collective exhibition was to celebrate Korean heritage and show how it is shared from generation to generation through a very modern and pioneering approach.

From photography and sculpture to ceramics, art and fashion, several artistic universes were represented.

Meet the artists :